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Malia’s Birthday

July... the time of cancers & leos, rubies, larkspurs, red, white, & blue things, many African independence days, grilled food, the endless need for cool air, cold treats, & bathing suits, comets, firecrackers, & sparklers  battles between lifting every voice to sing & something called “pledging allegiance” (whatever that means) July 2020... all of the above coupled with cosmic chaos in a full moon & lunar eclipse, the longing for outside interaction & stimulation, yet the wanting-needing, to combat rampant disease, black vs white, inequity & inequality at the same. damn. time, financial turmoil, brutalization, fear of fear itself... not to fucking mention, it’s hotta than a witch’s titty everywhere.   hear me out though.   in Texas, cacti are...

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Juneteenth 2020

I want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you God for the breath I entered this day & being with. Thank you to my family, my immediate examples of unconditional love. Thanks to my extended family, my estranged family, my descendants, ancestors, my friends that are family; to you for reading this. I couldn't begin anything without expressing gratitude first. These days haven't been easy. My mind hasn't had the most linear thoughts. We've gone from one extreme to the next in a matter of three months. Seeing death, life, more death, the fight for life. But, today, I longed to feel enriched, connected, & plugged into the incredible source of strength that I sometimes forget I am...

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Meet the Designer

Monarch Masterpieces is built on spreading awareness while supporting a cause & sharing a gift. It's more than a piece of jewelry; it's a token of transformative beauty, just like a butterfly, & just like you.

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