My Testimony

Hello Everyone!!!

I know it's been a while. I just felt that God has been speaking to me & He's asked & told me to share my testimony. Things that have been happening, what I've overcome, & just where I am now. Soooo... here it goes!

In May of 2023, I clocked out of work, got home after a night shift, & I was randomly sweating, had brain throbbing, & slightly passed out multiple times. I live with my beautiful family, so my mom knew something was wrong. She instantly called the ambulance to come get me. As soon as they arrived & took me to the ER down the street, I was in instant pain & everyone could hear me screaming. That's when things changed.

I experienced a stroke, & it was caused by Moyamoya disease. Basically, a rare, progressive cerebrovascular disorder caused by blocked arteries & bleeding in the brain area called the basal ganglia. I was Care flighted to Dallas UT Southwestern & had immediate surgery by 12 to 15 doctors. I didn't even know it, but that was the day where I almost lost my life. I was in the ICU for a while, & my parents called & texted pretty much everyone that they knew, simply asking them to just think about & pray for me. My best friends even automatically created a GoFundMe account & shared it with a bunch of customers that I created a bond with. I had an incredibly huge support system. BUT GOD SAID!!! It wasn't my time to go yet.

Fast forward to when I was released from the hospital, my parents told me that they were recommended & took a tour of a rehabilitation facility called PATE in Fort Worth. They had a great meeting with the therapists there & even though I was not excited to start going, I knew I needed help with my physical, occupational, & speech therapy. So, it took me awhile, but overtime, I relearned how to do regular adulting chores & responsibilities. Cooking & baking, work on my memorization & word finding skills, play brain games, work on & create crafts, do yoga, kickboxing, arm/leg/core exercises by myself, lead events for other patients like teaching & assisting the other patients create a vision board, & I even was apart of our fellowship services on Friday afternoons. Tbh, I started off with super anxiety & a lot of suicidal thoughts, so then I started going back to a counselor every week to vent & learn more. 

A positive note: I was grateful to celebrate my golden birthday there (29 on 9/29) but,

A negative note: I unfortunately had a seizure (which has also, never happened to me before) due to flashing lights & me simply not taking my night meds. After that (dumb on my part) situation, I told myself that enough was enough.

My first discharge date was scheduled for December, but they pushed it back to February. I genuinely thought that I had made great progress, but clearly God was saying again, "it's not your time yet." So, I made a goal for myself to continue to strive & prosper & just keep my head up high. They rescheduled my new discharge date for February & when it came close to that point, I had to pray & ask Him to speak to me again. I had to meditate on it everyday, & my family told me that whatever I chose, I would always continue to have their support. & so, when the therapists finally asked me what I decided, I wholeheartedly thanked them for everything & finally said, "yes, my discharge date will remain February 16th," two days after Valentine's. ANDDD LET ME TELL YOUUUU, my last day there, everybody wrote a note for me, rang bells, cheered for me, & my tears were overflowing, which made most of the others cry. Everyone told me that I've come a long way, that they were so proud of me, & that rehab alone, wouldn't be the same without me. 

I honestly still miss them. I think about everyone there everyday. I still sometimes randomly text or call them, because all together, we were like a family. One of these days, I'm just going to randomly pop up to say hi & check on them. I couldn't have made it this far without my Lord & Savior, my family, my close friends, & even myself, supporting me.

To end, thank you for reading this. I genuinely appreciate it. I love you.

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