Live & Let Live

I'm not sure why I'm always compelled to write & post during the summer, maybe it's the warmth that sets in...

Plus, I guess I just have something to say. Yesterday was the last day of lupus awareness month, & I just wanted to first say thank you.

To any & everyone who watched Butterfly Beauty, read facts, took the time to research what lupus is, purchased or donated anything, shared a post, had a conversation with me, or acknowledged/supported Monarch Masterpieces & myself as a whole in any way, shape, or form: I am so very thankful to you.

I ignored insecurity & hesitation last month by going out on a limb to bring life to new ideas. As the universe orchestrates greatness when you lean into & trust it, that’s exactly what happened. Because of this, I plan to continue growing these ideas & turning them into full-fledged living, breathing cornerstones,

but one of the main things that I would like for everyone to take away, is that lupus is 365 days a year. God chose me, & many others, to wear it every single day, not just throughout the month of May. I would describe it as a permanent rollercoaster. It was built for adventure, ups & downs, & a few brave ones to ride it with me, but I truly express heartfelt gratitude for those who have taken that risk.

As for right now in my journey, I’m inching up toward the very top, awaiting the curve right before the drop & without a doubt, there’s hella butterflies in my stomach.

. . . 

In recognition of Memorial Day, it doesn’t surprise me that freed persons who were once enslaved people, commenced one of the first Memorial Days less than a month after the Confederacy surrendered in 1865. If that doesn’t embody tenacity, bravery, heart, & courage, then I don’t know what does. To be able to turn trauma into transcendence. I can’t help but to be inspired.

& in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the complete destruction of Black Wall Street in Tulsa: I don’t have many words. Being a budding entrepreneur but a Black woman in America first, all I know is that, saying it hurts is an understatement. How do you learn of businesses, residences, & livelihoods being lost without reasonable cause, essentially an entire empire being brought down, & be able to fathom it? It doesn’t compute. Yet, I can’t help but to be fueled.

 . . .

I see myself having no choice but to live & let live for the continuation of this year & for the ones God allows me to see ahead. I don’t have much of a conclusion. I just wanted to speak about & share my thoughts. May June bring the same knowledge that lupus awareness possessed, the compassion of those who began the celebration of Memorial Day, & the same triumph that Tulsa's beloved Greenwood community once had.

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